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  • Integrated, total legal office software suite
  • Simultaneous multi-user legal software system
  • Highly secure interface with distinct entry levels
  • Flexible legal office software that grows with your law firm
  • Continuous enhancements and upgrades
  • Powerful yet easy-to-use legal applications
  • In-house instruction by legal office software automation experts
  • Industry-leading legal software support services
  • Recognized leader in the legal field for more than 30 years

Finding the Right Law Office Software Isn't Easy.

How Can You Make a Good Decision?

Looking for law office software for your small or mid-sized firm?  It is a time-consuming and sometimes stressful process.  There are so many products and features to evaluate.  You don't want to make a mistake.  It's too difficult to switch if your firm is unhappy with your choice.

You may benefit from a review of thirty years of experience offered by our founder.  See it here.

"Our firm has been using CaseLode for 23 years and uses all the financial applications, General Ledger, Payroll, Accounts Payable, Time & Billing, Trust Accounting and Conflict. All applications are easy to use and flexible to different types of law..."  Read more ยป

3 Key Factors to Consider when evaluating legal office software:

1.  Evaluate how easy it is to use the legal software.

Many legal office software products offer the features your firm needs.  But what will it be like to use the software every day?  Your firm will rely on the system for 9-12 hours a day.  Your firm management software must have an intuitive interface and be easy to use.

2.  Look for a track record of excellent customer service.

There will be questions (it is software after all).  You want to work with a company that knows your name.  You don't want to be just another account number waiting in a phone queue.  Review any testimonials and ask for references.

3.  Weigh the value of an integrated legal office software system.

"Don't handle a piece of paper more than once" was advice for the paper age.  In the digital age, we want to "handle" data only once.  With an integrated law firm software system, information entered for one function becomes available for other system functions.  Duplicative data entry is eliminated, saving time and reducing errors.

What Do You Want to Do Next?

I want to learn about CaseLode software's user experience and customer support:

Review client testimonials to see what they say about working with us.  (Read the customer experience survey results collected by a third party).  We're proud of the 4.8 index score (out of 5) we earned in an independent assessment. 

I want to know more about CaseLode's features!:

Browse our website to review CaseLode's legal office software's features. We are available to answer questions and concerns you may have by calling  (864) 346-4486 or contact us online.

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Visit our demo page or watch this short overview video.

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