Law Firm Accounting Software

Simplify Your Firm's Finances


Get an Accurate Picture of Your Firm's Financial Performance

Your firm must know what money is coming in and what is going out.  It may also be responsible for client trust accounts.  Spreadsheets or generic accounting software will not support all of your firm's needs.

CaseLode as designed for small and mid-sized firms.  Monitor billing, receivables, payroll, trust accounts, and more with our law firm accounting software.  Plus, save time by automating tedious accounting tasks.  Manage payroll, track billable time, create financial reports, and handle related tasks at the click of a button.

Bill More Easily with CaseLode Legal Accounting Software

Capture all billable time and expenses-in real time-with our time and billing module.  With CaseLode's law office accounting software, you can see the current status of a bill at any time.

Maintain Client Trust Accounts

Access detailed transaction records for your firm's client trust accounts with CaseLode's trust accounting module.  Produce reports for your staff, clients or auditors.

Manage Cash Flow with CaseLode Law Firm Accounting Software

Pay invoices more easily with the CaseLode accounts payable module.  Write checks on demand, view the invoice history for any vendor, and monitor cash flow with a variety of reporting options.

Monitor Financial Performance

View current financial performance and disbursement activities with the general ledger module.  Customize the module to reflect the structure of your firm's general ledger accounts.

Automate Time-Consuming Payroll Tasks

Calculate and process your firm's payroll, quarterly reports, and W-2's with CaseLode's payroll module.

Monitor Bank Accounts

Verify transactions, identify any discrepancies, and run reports for multiple bank accounts with the CaseLode bank account reconciliation module.

Get Additional Law Office Accounting Software Features

Save time with the additional features in CaseLode's legal accounting software, including electronic billing and custom data exporting.

We understand that "off the shelf" legal accounting software may not reflect your firm's accounting methods.  If needed, we provide custom programming to make CaseLode work for your firm.

Integrate Your Firm's Financial and Practice Information

Support your back office operations with CaseLode's law office accounting software and manage front office activities with our practice management software.  Both products integrate seamlessly, creating a unified system.

All of our financial management features are backed by our commitment to customer service:

"CaseLode's Customer Experience Index Score is very high at 4.8 on a 5.0 scale.  It is clear from this score that the CaseLode Customer Experience is remarkably positive.  Law firms considering this software should have no reservations about selecting CaseLode for their financial system needs and should expect to receive the business benefits described by the company along with outstanding customer service and support." Customer Experience Survey, pg.16.  See the Full report.

"Our firm has been using Caselode for 23 years and uses all of the financial applications, General Ledger, Payroll, Accounts Payable, Time & Billing, Trust Accounting and Conflict.  All applications are easy to use and flexible to all types of law...CaseLode far exceeds expectations with their service and commitment to their customers.  Based upon my experience, I highly recommend this company." C. Austin, Office Administrator - Marion, NC