Accounts Payable Software

To maximize profits, you must keep a tight rein and a careful eye on the firm's cash flow. Tracking client costs advanced, then getting that money into the firm, is one of the most time-consuming, work-intensive tasks in your office. CaseLode is going to streamline that process for you.

Easy-to-Use, Feature-Rich System

The Accounts Payable module of our law office accounting software system gives you complete control over cash flow, while keeping check writing and record keeping efforts to a minimum. You can write checks on demand. You can quickly do a complete check reconciliation. You can tailor Accounts Payable to the specific needs of your firm, giving it exactly the features you require to monitor your cash flow. Accounts Payable allows you to:

  • Effortlessly review the complete invoice history of a selected vendor. You will quickly know when the vendor was paid, from which account, even the check number.
  • Interface automatically with the Time & Billing and General Ledger. For example, costs posted in Accounts Payable can simultaneously be posted to the appropriate client account in Time & Billing and General Ledger, eliminating duplication of effort.
  • Write checks on demand or use a batch mode of check writing to pay vendors from a particular checking account.
  • Grant access to check writing only to those with the proper password.
  • Many reporting options are available, such as: vendor listings, transaction entry edit reports, checks to be printed reports, General Ledger distribution reports, Time & Billing distribution reports (for client cost advances), vendor 1099 forms, and more.