Bank Account Reconciliation Software

The Bank Account Reconciliation module is designed to provide you with the ability to reconcile any cash account that you have each month. This component of our law office accounting software simplifies the process of verifying the accuracy of your accounts.

Simplified, Reliable Verification System

With the Bank Account Reconciliation module, you may establish any number of accounts, such as your operating account, payroll account, or money market account. Once established in the system, the standard procedure is to take your monthly bank statement, select the particular account that you wish to reconcile which matches the statement, enter some basic information from the statement and then instruct the program to load the data into the reconciliation screen.

Once the data is in the screen, you then start clearing the checks and deposits that appear on the bank statement, enter miscellaneous bank charges, etc. If you are using the CaseLode General Ledger, the program also displays the currently selected cash account balance from the General Ledger as verification. Your goal is to match the reconciled account balance with the 'ending balance' shown on the bank statement.

Once you are in balance with the bank statement, you may then print an outstanding checks/deposits report and a reconciliation report of all transactions, verifying that you balanced back to the bank statement for your permanent records. Once you have these reports for future reference, you may instruct the system to 'post' your work. The posting process will mark the appropriate checks and deposits as being cleared as of the bank statement period ending date, and will also make any journal entries to the General Ledger that you may have keyed, such as bank charges or insurance drafts.