General Ledger Software

A key to your firm's success is the ability to address financial analysis and cash disbursement activities in all your departments. To accomplish this used to require a mountain of paperwork and hours of labor. CaseLode legal accounting software is going to change all that.

Flexible System that Meets Your Needs

The CaseLode General Ledger is designed to give you complete flexibility in the setup and structure of your General Ledger accounts from Time & Billing and Accounts Payable to the General Ledger. You can set up your account numbering schemes to match how you do business. Simply, the software is so flexible, you do not have to redesign your office to fit our system.

General Ledger also allows you to monitor your account balances with on-line inquiry features. You can produce financial statements in several formats, including one that gives you prior year comparisons and budgets. And like all the CaseLode modules, General Ledger is accessible only for authorized users with the proper security clearance.

Sound comprehensive? It is. But there are a couple of features that make General Ledger truly unique, like the ability to interface automatically with Time & Billing, Accounts Payable, Trust Accounting and Payroll. Your entries into these modules are simultaneously logged for posting into General Ledger. This saves you and your office enormous amounts of time and money.