Revolutionize Your Law Firm Billing System

For any law office, time is truly money. Unfortunately, law firm billing can be a time-consuming and inefficient process without the proper tools. Legal billing software from CaseLode is the solution for streamlining time and billing tasks. Increase productivity and profitability with our sophisticated law office billing software.

Legal Billing Software Features

Law firm billing software from CaseLode is a feature-rich application designed to meet all of your time and billing needs.


Our time and billing system allows you to see an up-to-the-minute status of a bill at any time, and you can see it in seconds with the touch of a key. All entries into time and billing are immediate, which means that batch posting and processing are eliminated. And any staff member with the appropriate security clearance can enter or review billing information from any workstation.


With CaseLode law office billing software, the system is not only current but also live. That means time and charges are captured now rather than later. All bookkeeping posts can be generated immediately in a document. In the event of an error, all data in the system can be revised or changed.


CaseLode legal billing software is extremely versatile, with a number of statement formats and many flexible methods of computing fees for invoicing to complement your existing business methods. Very simply, for any situation, for any billing dilemma, CaseLode has an answer.


Our law firm billing software module is fully integrated with our other accounting software modules, so only a single entry is needed to keep all of your records current. When used in conjunction with our practice management software, the information is also added to appropriate client accounts.