Payroll Software

CaseLode operates on a very basic premise: the more our software does for you, the more it saves you time and money. So we design each module to conserve your efforts. And with our Payroll system, you can see how we have taken over the tedious task of calculating and processing your firm's payroll and reports, reducing it to a few keystrokes.  As of June 17th, 2015, we are no longer offering our Payroll module.

Effortlessly Manage Your Payroll System

The CaseLode law office accounting software Payroll system is comprehensive because it offers you a wide variety of features, and it has been designed specifically for today's law firms. One of the outstanding features is the unique Time/Pay Input screen that immediately calculates all pay, voluntary deductions, tax withholdings and net pay. The benefit of this is immediate over-ride of any information and instant verification for complete accuracy.

All default information is retrieved, and the time entry is computed automatically. The system allows you to approve the individual's complete pay detail. If you approve what you see on the screen, you simply accept it; and it is done, instantly.

Payroll is flexible enough to handle any unusual pay situation that might occur. Let us say you want to give an employee a large bonus but prevent excessive tax deductions. Our Payroll system allows you to change the pay frequency, to reduce the amount of tax, or to calculate manually and enter the chosen tax deduction amounts.

You can easily generate, modify or delete check records for both salaried and hourly employees. And you can maintain and modify state and federal tax tables.

Naturally, the system retains a detailed record of every check written to every employee, not just summary totals. This detail may be recalled in inquiry or report form on demand.