Back Office Accounting: Purchase Pricing

Just locate the particular product that you need in column 1 and the associated purchase price will be in column 2.  Monthly maintenance (column 3) is optional but highly recommended in order to provide you with premium support and product updates.  If maintenance is paid annually in advance, we discount the rate by one month.  CASELODE is sold as a 'bundled' product, which eliminates redundant entry of data.  This approach is much more productive for your firm as compared to using multiple vendor products and entering information more than once in order to update all records.  CASELODE will run on your own in-house hardware or on a Cloud platform of your choice.  Although subscription plans are widely available in the marketplace, consider the fact that you have a 'vested interest' in your data.  Why not also in the software which processes it?

(1) Product Description

(2) Purchase Price

(3) Optional Monthly Maintenance

Time Accounting & Billing with Conflict of Interest, Cost Recovery, Electronic Billing, Accounts Receivable & Management Reporting, Trust Accounting, Accounts Payable & Disbursements, General Ledger/Financials, and Bank Account Reconciliation. 


The above price includes the first five users


$25.00 per month per user, or $275.00 per year per user if paid in advance.

Additional Users:

 $125.00 each

 $25.00  Annually

Packet of five additional users:


$100.00 Annually

Packet of ten additional users:


$200.00 Annually

Timekeeper Time Entry Module: can run standalone after acquiring data from master database / also has an option to email time back to the office if keyed at home, in court, on the road, etc.

 $100.00 per user

 $25.00 Annually

A user is defined as any individual who has CASELODE installed on their computer.

The optional monthly maintenance includes unlimited telephone support, and all product upgrades.  You may perform these yourself, have your IT staff do so, or we will perform any upgrade remotely for $150.00 not to exceed two hours of labor.


Training Services    

User training is provided in the client's office at the rate of $900.00 per day plus travel expenses. Training seminars held in South Carolina are priced at $395.00 per student with discounts available for multiple students from the same firm.

Product Listing

  • Time Accounting & Billing with Conflict Checking
  • Timekeeping Time Entry Module - this is a separate add-on module which can be installed on any individual workstation which is connected to your file server.  You install the program, acquire the supporting databases from your file server, and then key time and expenses as needed. You even have the flexibility of disconnecting from the file server (as in the case of laptops) and keying data at home or on the road, in court, etc.  You only have to reconnect to the file server in order to upload your data to the main CASELODE database, or you can email the data back to your office to be uploaded by someone else. 
  • Trust/Escrow Accounting
  • Accounts Payable / Disbursements
  • General Ledger / Financials
  • Case Document Tracking
  • Telephone Messaging
  • Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Cost Recovery Module (copiers, telephone, facsimile, etc.)
  • ASCII File Output Module (for electronic billing, etc. including LEDES98B, LEDES2000, Litigation Advisor, etc.)


You may upgrade as needed simply by adding additional users and/or modules.

Client Support

Clients who purchase our products and elect not to subscribe to the monthly maintenance plan may pay for technical support services on an as needed basis. The current rate for technical support is $275.00 per hour with a minimum of $75.00 per incident for telephone support and/or remote connection services.  The minimum charge for email correspondence support is $35.00.

Updates are available via digital download from our Web site. The only additional charges are custom modifications of reports and data repair labor for problems caused by hardware and/or power failures. All users are encouraged to maintain adequate back ups of their data of course. Morningstar reserves the right to limit each telephone call to one hour.

Data Conversion

We will provide data conversions from other products such as PCLaw, Pins, Timeslips, TABS III, Quickbooks, etc. These will be priced on an "as requested" basis, but in many cases may be performed at no charge if your product offers the option to export to an ASCII file or to Excel.

Above Prices Include

  • Complete user / technical reference manuals in digital format
  • Installation Procedures
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Daily & Monthly Procedures Guide
  • Sample data for tutorial

Payment Terms

For your purchase and monthly or annual maintenance, we accept firm checks.

Hardware and Software Considerations / Requirements

The following are "minimum suggested requirements" for the proper operation of our products:

  • All products require Windows XP, Windows 7, 8 or 10. Networks supported are Windows, Novell, NT and other networks that are Net Bios compatible.
  • All products are network ready, allowing simultaneous access.
  • We recommend 1gb of RAM per workstation as a minimum. We also recommend that your workstations be of Pentium quality running at least 500 Mhz. Additionally, monitors should be capable of displaying 800 x 600 resolution or higher. We recommend a minimum size of 17" for monitors.  We strongly recommend running dual monitors simply for efficiency purposes.  This is not a requirement for our products however.
  • Our products are running in the Cloud on Apple Mac's and on Mac's with VMWare and Windows installed.
  • We recommend at least four gigabytes of disk space, but his can vary with the size of the firm and the length of time you desire to retain historical data.
  • We recommend a Windows compatible laser printer for both reports and checks.