Timekeeper Time Entry

Are you ready to unchain yourself from the office?  We know the feeling of wanting to be productive wherever you go and that is why we created Caselode's Timekeeper Time Entry.  This product gives you the ability to key your Time Entries away from the office and either update them the next time you are in the office or email your Time Entries to someone at the firm.  This allows you to be more productive and spend your time in a more efficient way even if you aren't at you desk!

Timekeeper Time Entry helps you:

  • Key your work from any location; In or out of the office.
  • Upload your Time Entries remotely to keep the billing cycle moving fluidly.
  • Keep the burden off of the network by working straight from the client workstation.
  • Gives you the freedom to key time when you want, weather the server is up or not!
  • Integrates seamlessly with Gmail.
  • Network ready
  • Reporting included with PDF capabilities.
  • Security, Audit Tracking and more!

So easy to use and cost effective!  Call Caselode today at (864) 346-4486 and order today.