Trust Accounting Software

For those firms that must maintain client Trust Accounts, the accuracy of that record keeping is of the utmost importance. All that one has to do is to read some of the Bar journals in order to see how seriously the State Bar Associations take this issue.

Accurate and Flexible System

Our law firm accounting software features a Trust Accounting System that allows you to maintain an unlimited number of bank accounts and offers up to the minute reconciliation for each of those accounts. The entire system is "driven" from the entry of receipts and disbursements, and it tracks each of these transactions providing any type of reporting that your firm or the auditors may require. We offer any type of client master list, individual client account activity ledgers, subsidiary account ledgers (all activity within a given bank account), checks, check registers, payee reports, purpose code reports, and more. If desired, you may also integrate your Trust Accounting System with our General Ledger System to show the asset and liability accounts for the Trust funds you have custody of.

If you are also using our Time & Billing module, your clients are already there for you. Trust Accounting shares the common client/matter database with the Time & Billing System. Any information that you need is always at your fingertips. All information is maintained in the system until "you" decide to purge it out. This means that you can print or reprint detail activity from a year ago if you decide to retain it that long. In other words, you are in total control of all your records.

And like all the CaseLode software, you can protect confidential files because you decide the security level of your information.